AetherSX2 Set-Up

AetherSX2 & NetherSX2 is an emulator for ARM-based devices such as Android and Mac M1/M2 laptops. This guide assumes you have a legit copy of a PS2 BIOS and a copy of the NCAA 06 Football in an ISO game image format already.



For Android users, download NetherSX2 :

If you are seeing black number textures on uniforms, please download the correct emulator version above.

Installing NetherSX2:

Download the NetherSX2 APK file to your Android Device and then install it manually via file manager. Typically, downloads will be in your Download folder in your Android Storage Drive. We recommend using ZArchiver for installing this mod.

You will want to then transfer over your PS2 BIOS and game files to your Android device and place them in the appropriate folders. 

The ISO games can go anywhere, you'll just have to point the app to the correct location.

Storage > Android > Data > > files > bios

Storage > Android > Data > > files > textures

Note: Android 11+ Users

For users who are using Android 11+ devices that can't bypass security features, you may find that just moving textures, bios, memory card files, etc. from your computer to the Android device directory ( storage/android/data/ still does not show up in the game. This is due to new security measures in Android 13 that may not be easily bypassed. This happens on devices such as the Ayn Odin 2. 

To get around this, copy the textures folder to the root folder or anywhere else on your android storage. Then use the Android app, ZArchiver, to move this folder into the AetherSX2 location.

MAC M1 and other ARM-based systems

For Mac M1, or other ARM-based systems, download AetherSX2 here:

If you are seeing black number textures on uniforms, please download the correct emulator version above.

To find the Textures Folder, open the emulator application. Go to Tools, then Open Data Directory.

Set-Up Parameters

These will be some recommended settings. Your miles may vary. The ones marked as REQUIRED will be designated as such and must be enabled to be used correctly. Everything else should just be left as default.

Go to SETTINGS in the app. Then change these settings below as necessary.


  • Fast Boot - Enabled
  • Enable Patch Codes - Enabled


  • EE Cycle Rate - (-1) 75%
  • Multi-THreaded VU1 - Enabled
  • Instant VU1 - Enabled
  • Fast CDVD - Enabled


  • GPU Renderer - Try Vulkan first, as this is the fastest
  • Upscale Multiplier - The higher the better quality, but slower
  • Bilinear Filtering - PS2
  • Mipmapping - OFF (REQUIRED)
  • Trilinear Filtering - Forced, if your device can handle it
  • Anisotropic Filtering - On if your device can handle it
  • Texture Preloading - Full
  • Aspect Ratio - Widescreen
  • Enable Widescreen Patches - On
  • Enable No Interlacing Patches - On
  • Threaded Presentation - On, if using Vulkan
  • Load Texture Replacements - ON (REQUIRED)
  • Asynchronous Texture Loading - On

Textures Installation