Known Bugs


Road to the Heisman Mode crashes or freeze

The ISO Game Mod is not fully compatible with Road to the Heisman mode. If you want to play this mode, we recommend playing it with the original game file. You can still use the texture mods with this game!

NCAA NEXT 24 completely removes this mode from the mod to prevent incidental use of it leading to crashes.

Why are jersey numbers all black and player names running/streaking down?

You may need to downgrade your emulator version. Find compatible emulators with NCAA Next for your system at

No field lines in NEXT 24+

You may need to downgrade your emulator version. Find compatible emulators with NCAA Next for your system at


You did not install the NEXT 24 ISO files using IMGBURN. Please do this otherwise it will not work with the original vanilla version of the game.

If you prefer to play with the original game, but want to use our next textures, please download the VANILLA MOD in our download page.

EMPTY STRING ERROR / All BYE Games - Simming Games Bug

There is one known bug, which seems to be a memory related issue, and for majority of users, this will never be a problem. If you simulate a series of games in DYNASTY MODE, PLEASE exit the schedule page, and to the main Dynasty menu, before you simulate more games! If you do not, it may cause an error ("EMPTY STRING") and all the schedules will go to "BYE". The entire emulator will need to be rebooted and all progress lost.

You can still simulate an entire season at once, if you press Sim Season, or Sim to a specific week. You just cannot do two unique sims in a row without first backing out of the schedule screen and re-entering it.

This seems to be possibly due to overload of memory/resources, but we are still troubleshooting the root cause. In the mean time, just read the news and standings every time you simulate, and you should be fine.

Luckily, you can reload your save and it will recover fine.

Make memory card saves and save states often. :)

New Teams or renamed teams referred to as "AIR FORCE" by play-by-play commentary

This is an issue with how the game detects names. If the name doesn't match exactly how it's spelled, the team name defaults to Air Force. We are working to see if there's a fix for this.

Some teams have empty rosters


You can reset to the default modded rosters here in the Settings Menu, under System Settings.

Do not use this with other NEXT patches. This already includes all of them plus more!