NCAA 06 NEXT V11 Release!


V11 New Features

  • All FBS/FCS teams completed!
  • Filled-In Alt Slots (Plan is to fill in every available in-game slot with textures! Even more available in Alt_Replacements Folder!)
  • More Stadium Texture Upgrades and Less EA Banners
  • TONS of Upgraded Higher Quality FBS Uniforms
  • More Gears 👟
  • Updated Sound Meter 🔊
  • Misc Bug Fixes
  • More Alternate Textures Available

New Upgrades for V11 GAME PATCH ISO:

  • All the 7-new Teams from v10 now have their own unique stadium and field textures 🏟️
  • New stadium for Tulane and Minnesota (moved out of Dome to outdoor stadium) with texture updates
  • Improved Recruiting attributes 🏈
  • New Music soundtrack
  • More Uniform Patch/Number fixes
  • Updated Team Colors
  • Updated "new" teams without real rosters with fantasy rosters


Total In-Game Default Home/Away Uniforms (FBS + FCS + New Teams)

406/406 Total Uniforms Updated!

Stats for ALL Default In-Game Uniform Slots (includes some selected alternates)

597/597 Total Uniforms Updated for default in-game slots!

Including Alternates? Way too many to count. Going to guesstimate its close to 1500.

9277 textures updated total!


For updated playbooks, check out PlaybookGamer's new playbooks here: