2022 Updates to NCAA Football 2006 for PCSX2 & AetherSX2

Full Mod Features

Note: This mod assumes you have a legitimate copy of NCAA Football 06 for PS2, dumped into an ISO format and played with PCSX2 v1.7+ and a legitimate PS2 BIOS dump.

Base Game Updates:
  • All FBS & FCS Team Uniforms Updated including in-game alternates
  • Hundreds of Additional Alternates available for manual replacement
  • Update Game Menus, Logos, Screens, etc.
  • Game Controller Button sets for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo schemes
  • Updated Broadcast Graphics
  • Updated Textures for Race for Heisman and other modes!

Base Game Patches:
  • Uniform Number Patches
  • Fixed Recruiting Player Models and Attributes
  • Modernized Recruit Name Generation
  • 2021 Rosters Built-In

NCAA 06 Next Modern V3 BETA Features:
  • Complete modernization of NCAA 06 using the Texture Pack from base game + more!
  • Updated Conferences and Alignments
  • Completely Remade In-Game Scheduling Templates
  • Built-In 2021 Rosters
  • NEW Teams: Charlotte, Coastal Carolina, Georgia State, Liberty, Old Dominion, South Alabama, UTSA
  • New Stadiums for various teams
  • Updated Coaching Staff, Strategies, Tendencies, etc.
  • Team Rankings, Prestige, Heisman, and Magazine Cover Athlete Updates
  • Updated Positional Importance
  • In-Game Text Updates
  • Uniform Number Patches
  • Fixed Recruiting Player Models and Attributes
  • Modernized Recruit Name Generation

Known Bugs:

Since this is a beta and we've only done limited testing, bugs may occur! Please let us know when you get them!

There is one known bug, which seems to be a memory related issue, and for majority of users, this will never be a problem. If you simulate a string of weeks or a full season, PLEASE exit the schedule page, and to the main Dynasty menu, before you simulate more games! If you do not, it may cause an error to occur and the entire emulator will need to be rebooted and all progress lost.

This seems to be possibly due to overload of memory/resources, but we are still troubleshooting the root cause. In the mean time, just read the news and standings every time you simulate, and you should be fine.

Make memory card saves and save states often. :)

Roster updates:

For rosters, you may get a .ps2 memory card file for pcsx2 courtesy of operation sports here:

Memory Card Includes:2021 Season Div 1A Rosters
2021 Season Div 1AA Rosters for FBS Schools only (Appalachian State, Texas State, UMass, and Western Kentucky). The rest are auto-named default rosters.
Historical Teams Rosters

FBS Rosters were created using Antdroid's Roster Porting Tool from the Operation Sports NCAA 14 PS3 team's base roster with permission.

Team members:

Development Team:
  • Ok and!? (Discord server admin)
  • H4wduk3n
  • Antdroid
  • BuBeavers92
  • RobotDebris
  • 4Star
  • jackson
  • jdhalfrack
  • xflamesxofxhopex
  • jd637
  • dhs22p

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