Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I get the latest version?


What systems does this work for? Does this work for original PS2 or Xbox?

This works with emulators only. PS2 and original Xbox will not work with new textures at this time. The game patches and modern patch will work but textures do not work, which may cause some weird visuals, but the game itself will run with the updates on modded PS2s only.

For full experience, it'll work on:Windows PC - PCSX2 1.7+
MAC (Intel-based) - PCSX2 1.7+
Linux (Intel-based) - PCSX2 1.7+
Linux (Arm-based) - AetherSX2
SteamDeck - PCSX2 1.7+ with EmuDeck
Android OS (phones, tablets, or handhelds) - AetherSX2
MAC M1/M2 - AetherSX2
Xbox Series S/X - PCSX2 1.7+ or AetherSX2

Do I need to install the Next ISO Mod?

The game patch is a collection of uniform number fixes, names database updates, and other small patches to the ORIGINAL NCAA 06 game. It keeps the original rosters and league structure, so you can continue to play as it was in 2005, but with updated fixes for our mod. This collection is in the Source-Code.zip file under Game Patches folder.

The Modern Patch is a completely re-build of the game. This mod includes new teams, new league structure including conference realignment, scheduling updates, names databases, uniform fixes, recruiting updates, and a lot more. This is a total new game experience that uses modern league setup and rosters. This is a separate file in the download/releases page.

Both of these require patching the original game image ISO and creating a new one to use correctly.

I created the NCAA Next Mod ISO, but I do not see updated rosters?

Did you make the Mod ISO? If yes, continue. If no, create it. :)

Did you run the right ISO in the emulator? Sometimes you may accidentally select the original game.

Do you have another roster on your mem card that are being loaded? If so, remove the memory card and start with a new one, or go to System Settings in the game menu, and reset rosters

Will this work for PPSSPP?

Yes! https://portable.ncaanext.com

Any tips for sliders and settings?

Why aren't my textures loading?

Check to see if these have occurred...Are you using PCSX2 1.7 or newer?
Did you turn on LOAD TEXTURES?
Did you turn off MIPMAPPING?
Is the TEXTURES folder in the PCSX2 directory?

Also, make sure to use a PCSX2 Emulator Nightly Build from February 8th, 2023 or older.
Full set of emulators that work with this mod can be found here: https://emulators.ncaanext.com

Why is my screen/graphics shaking or blurry?

Change your emulator graphics Deinterlacing setting to None if you are using the Next ISO mod. Change to Auto if youre not using the ISO mod. 

For PC users, you can also press F5 until it cycles to None or improves quality.

Why are jersey numbers all black and player names running/streaking down?

You may need to downgrade your emulator version. Find compatible emulators with NCAA Next for your system at https://emulators.ncaanext.com

How do I change the Playstation controller layout to Xbox style?

You can find the XBOX or Nintendo button layout artwork in the Textures\SLUS-21214\Alternate_Replacements\General folders. You can pick which button set you want and then replace the Playstation set located in the Textures\SLUS-21214\Replacements\General folder.

Why am I not seeing any Transfers in my off-season?

This happens if you skip past the 1st stage of the offseason, Budgets. If you go straight to Step 2 Players Leaving, the game will show no transfers in the Players Leaving screen. 

In reality, there were probably a lot of transfer that occurred, but with the mod, we removed the 1 year waiting period for transfers and made the players immediately eligible. Since you skipped past the stage where the transfers happen, the game already thinks they are on their new team now.

So, if you want to see the transfers, DO NOT SKIP Step 1. It literally is clicking on Step 1, and press start, if you want to blow by it.