Dynasty Settings from NEXT Team

This page contains community sliders from our NCAA NEXT Team Members. The first set is an All-American set, and the second one is an advanced Heisman slider set with dynasty house rules.

All-American Sliders by Antdroid

This set-up is for all-american game play. One of the big things I tried to get out of this slider set was to reduce the number of user pancakes that occurred in the game, and that's why the blocking is down to 0. It still works! Don't worry! 

Heisman Sliders & Dynasty Settings by CookyBots

General Settings


  • Heisman with all CPU on 99. 
  • User on default (50). 
  • Interceptions zero for both.

Gameplay Settings

  • 5 minute quarters.
  • Subs on max in/out.
  • Homefield advantage on.
  • Penalties default except unsportsmanlike conduct on zero.

House Rules

  • Ask coach play calling (choose from 3 plays).
  • No offensive audibles.
  • No switching on d and must control different player each play. at the start of every play press circle button once to change player and that is who you must use. When controlling defensive line, no moving yourself off of the line before the snap or outside of the tackles (no further then the directional d line shift would move the player).
  • No blitzing unless its that players assignment.
  • No chewing clock until the last 3:30 of the game.
  • Only allowed to use the QB scramble button once per drive and can only scramble to the right side or middle of the field. Cannot stop and throw, once you commit to scrambling you have to run. If your QB breaks a tackle in the backfield all house rules are off for that play this allows the impact guys to still make crazy plays.
  • No user catching on offense.
  • No hot routes streaks or outs.
  • No defensive line stunts. You can shift them but no changing assignments.
  • No motion on run plays.
  • No snapping the ball while a player is in motion.
  • No HB direct play.
  • No huddle is only allowed when losing in the 4th quarter.
  • No punt returning allowed, let the cpu do the return. and must select middle return only. Regular defensive play (or safe return) is allowed if suspecting a fake.
  • When punting cannot aim the punt left or right. only can aim the arc.
  • No diving with ball carrier unless it's the first down/end zone.
  • On kickoff can only do return middle. If the cpu does onside kick you must do onside kick return. No onside kick unless losing in the fourth quarter. (edited)
  • No viewing the opponents roster/depth chart -- Must use the matchup stick (right analog stick) to view overall rating of opponents players in-game
  • No subbing an injured player into the game

Dynasty House Rules

  • No choosing the punishment for discipline violations, must use the cpu recommended punishment. 
  • No formation subs except kickoff/punt coverage, and making sure your best linebacker(s) are in on dime/nickel coverages.
  • No changing packages on the playcalling screen.
  • No putting players out of position on the depth chart to gain advantage. Defensive lineman and offensive lineman positions are interchangeable on their respective lines. Linebackers can only be linebackers. Corners and Safeties are interchangeable. QBs can fill in at a skill position in desperate scenario. HB and FBs interchangeable. WRs can only be WR. TEs and FBs and OL are interchangeable.
  • No changing the budget in the offseason. 
  • No position changes besides ATH. 
  • No convincing players to stay. 
  • No recruiting, let the CPU do all of it.
  • Can only cut the minimum players necessary. No additional cuts allowed.
  • No Manual Redshirting (,players who do not record a stat will automatically receive one at the end of the year)

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