Dynasty Settings from NEXT Team

This page contains community sliders from our NCAA NEXT Team Members. The first set is an All-American set, and the second one is an advanced Heisman slider set with dynasty house rules.

All-American Sliders by Antdroid

This set-up is for all-american game play. One of the big things I tried to get out of this slider set was to reduce the number of user pancakes that occurred in the game, and that's why the blocking is down to 0. It still works! Don't worry! 

Brock's CPU vs CPU Sliders

Heisman Sliders & Dynasty Settings by CookyBots

General Settings


  • CPU with all 99s. 
  • User with all 0s. 

Gameplay Settings

  • 5 minute quarters.
  • Subs on max in/out.
  • Homefield advantage on.
  • Penalties default except unsportsmanlike conduct on zero.

House Rules

  • Kicking default.
  • Only 1 QB scramble per drive.
  • No offensive audibles.
  • No hot route streaks or outs.
  • No calling same offensive play twice in a row. All options and PA reads count as the same.
  • Can only call screens to target an in the zone impact player.
  • No usering pass rushers.
  • No user catching on offense.
  • No punt return (let cpu do it)
  • No punt block. Must do punt return/kick return middle and onside kick return only. 
  • Only allowed no huddle and onside kick if losing in 4th.
  • No chewing clock until the last 3:30 of the 4th.