The Next Evolution of NCAA '06

NCAA NEXT is a free and open-source community mod for EA's NCAA '06 Football PS2 game. Available to play on PC, Mac, or Android with the PCSX2 or AetherSX2 emulators. Experience the game as never before with 4K textures, modern rosters and conference alignments, playoffs, and much more.

Ultra Hi-Res 4K Textures

With modern emulation and powerful CPUs we are able to upscale graphics to 4K. The NEXT team and community has created thousands of hi-res replacement textures, upscaling old graphics and creating entirely new content such as authentic up-to-date team uniforms.

Modern College Football Format

Play with today's rosters, modern conference alignments, game rules, and even the college football playoff. Through reverse-engineering and editing of the game's code, this becomes possible and is available to use now in the latest version of NCAA NEXT.

Classic '06 Gameplay

The PS2 era of NCAA and Madden games are considered by many to have the best gameplay in their respective series. That same core gameplay experience, from the physics to the AI to the sim/arcade balance, everything that makes '06 one of the greatest NCAA football games ever made, is still here.

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