Fantasy Roster Generator

 Fantasy Roster Generator v1.33 by Antdroid

This tool requires Microsoft Excel and uses macro-functions.

This a set of two spreadsheets that can create a fantasy roster for a single team at a time. You can input different variables in the generator to control the team of choice and how strong the roster is.

Fantasy Roster Generator

To use it, you input the parameters in the first page, and then click on the DYNASTY or ROSTER export page, copy and paste and add it to your final PLAY table CSV file. You will probably have to delete the PGID range for the team that you are removing from the league setup though! You can find the PGID range from the roster generator.

Depth Chart Generator

Copy the Dynasty roster into the Depth Chart tab. Then click on the DCHT tab and copy and paste than to your DCHT.csv file to import into the save file.

If you get a NAMES errors, use DCHTv2 tab.

Change Log


Fixed issue with Charlotte and South Alabama team IDs swapped

v1.22 - Updated Dec 29, 2022

Added Sorting Macro to Depth Chart Maker and compatibility with Roster and Dynasty types
Added a DCHT v2 for people who can't use the MAXIFS function in Excel.

Download: LINK

Google Drive Version if you want to use it via the web:

Roster Generator

Depth Chart Generator