Database Editing

This page will cover the basics and advanced techniques of editing NCAA and Madden in-game databases that let you change and customize a vast swath of items in the game. The following are basic guides already created, and more will come as they are made available.

Custom Software Tools for NCAA Football 06 Editing

NCAA Next Xtreme DB Editor - A new database editor for NCAA Football based on MXDBE.

Madden Xtreme DB Editor - A database editor for Madden/NCAA football games

DAT File Replacer - A software tool to import/export from EA DAT/TERF files

Dynasty Mods Guide List

Conference Championship Games - Adding additional conference championship games and/or modifying for divisionless conference structure

Reduction of Conferences - Remove conferences and consolidate teams to other conferences

Dynasty Save Transfers - Transferring an old dynasty save to a new one to allow for using with NCAA NEXT mod or adding/removing teams.

Music Soundtrack Editing - How to create your own music soundtrack for NCAA and Madden Football Games

League Restructuring - A basic guide to restructuring your dynasty league (coming soon!)