Reducing Conferences

 One thing you can do, and this is not required, is to reduce the two independent conferences into one. In the NCAA NEXT 23 mod, there is an Independent conference with Notre Dame in it, and an independent conference with Army in it, by default. We have discovered a way to reduce this into one Independent conference with some DB manipulation.

Modifying Conference Structure

The first step is to modify the conference structure for the league.

  1. In DB Editor, open your dynasty save, and go to the CONF database table.
  2. Find the second independent table. It should have the CGID column as "14".
  3. Change the LGID column cell from "0" to "1". You can also rename the conference name (CNAM) to something else if you want.
  4. Save.

Modifying Team alignment

The next step is to align teams to the conferences.

  1. In DB Editor, open your dynasty save, and go to the TEAM database table.
  2. Find Army, and change their CGID column cell to "5". 5 is the conference ID for true independents. It should read as 14 by default in the Next mod.
  3. After you do this, pick any Div 1AA team, such as Air Force (first team on the list), and change their CGID to 14.
  4. Save.

Since we are only updating independents here, there is no need to worry about scheduling conflicts, so you are now ready to load your save file up in the game and continue to play!