Texture Templates

Texture replacement in PS2 emulation is an extremely simple process (Step 1. Put the file in the replacements folder, Step 2. Done), which makes creating your own custom textures very accessible. You don't even need Photoshop. The templates below will work with Photopea.com, a free and powerful Photoshop alternative. We encourage everyone in the community, no matter your graphic design experience, to give it a shot!


These are our recommended templates for creating custom (and mod-official) textures. You can download them for free at the link below. Please take note of the permissions/license terms in the footer of the website.



An exciting new modification is in the works that will unlock full customization of the entire playing field. Previously, it was only possible to customize the endzones and a small-sized midfield logo. The new modification and respective PSD template are still a work in progress, but you can follow along – and, when it's ready, download the fields template – on our Discord server in the Field Texture Template thread in the #community-mod-releases channel.