NCAA Next ISO Mod Creation


Pre-Requisite Software

  1. A legal copy of NCAA Football 06, preferably in a dumped ISO format. If you only have the DISC, you can create an ISO from the software tool in number 2 below.

  2. Windows Operating System (Mac/Linux users: see bottom of page for help!)

  3. IMGBURN (ISO Creation Software) - Included in NEXT INSTALLER method (V14.4+)!

ImgBurn software link:

To avoid possible adware, use the Softpedia mirror link for downloading.

Mod Installation File Location

The ISO Patch files are found in the NCAA 06 NEXT Release Page. Download that ISO installation zip file and unzip the contents to your computer. (Name may vary for each release version)

Choose an Installation Guide:

Automated Method (NEXT INSTALLER)

This method is included in NCAA Next V14.4, NEXT 25, and newer!

Manual Method 

This method is used with previous versions of NCAA Next and can be used as backup if the automated method does not work!

NOTE FOR Non-Windows users:

FYI - this ImgBurn software is ONLY available on Windows. At this time, we do not know of any application that can make PS2 game ISO files on Mac or Linux correctly.

For users with MAC or Linux, we recommend installing a Virtual Machine of Windows on your computer. There are free VM software you can use such as VirtualBox.

You can also run popular commercial software like Parallels on OSX.

Once you install Windows on your VM, you can install and run IMGBURN to create the ISO, as well as use any Windows software on it. This will also allow you to do database mods to the game if you so desire!

Other option are to use WINE PlayonMAC or Cross-over, but it isn't as reliable or easy to use sometimes.