NCAA Next ISO Mod Creation


Pre-Requisite Software

  1. A legal copy of NCAA Football 06, preferably in a dumped ISO format. If you only have the DISC, you can create an ISO from the software tool in number 2 below.

  2. An ISO/Image Creation Software

I prefer this free software called ImgBurn, and the instructions are going to be based on this tool. You can opt to use your own ISO building software package.

To avoid possible adware, use the Softpedia mirror link for downloading.

File Location

The ISO Patch files are found in the NCAA 06 NEXT Release Page. Download that ISO installation zip file and unzip the contents to your computer. (Name may vary for each release version)

Within this folder you will find the installation ZIP file used in the instructions below.


Setting up the ISO Patches

  1. Find your NCAA 06 ISO file and double click it in Windows. In most cases, this will create a new virtual DVD drive, and open the Windows Explorer window to the contents of the DVD.


  1. Create a new folder anywhere on your computer, and call it "NCAA06" or whatever you like, and then Copy the entire contents of your ISO into the "NCAA06" folder.



  1. Choose the NCAA NEXT ISO PATCH ZIP and UNZIP the contents into the "NCAA06" folder. This will ask you to Replace the Files... Click Replace.



  1. In the "NCAA06" folder, there will be a file called Install.bat (or just Install). Double-click to run it. This will delete 3 files from your NCAA06 DATA folder: FE.QKL , GAME.QKL, PL.QKL, and then remove itself. You can also do this manually, if you do not want to run the batch file or get an error.

    New for V13 - the Install.bat process will guide you through installing mod options, which isn't covered in the original tutorials on our site.

    If this does not work, you can manually move the files from the MOD folder and replace the original ISO files like previously.

    Choose one of the "League" file sets, and then move the DATA folder over and replace the DATA folder files in your ISO folder.

    Then choose either SLUS-Default or SLUS-Coach-Mod file and replace the "SLUS_212.14" file in your ISO folder.


(These three files need to be removed! The batch file will do it automatically, but please check to see these are no longer in the DATA folder)


Other Tips: You can delete the MMNCDEMO folder to save space. This contains demos of other EA Sports games. This will reduce the ISO by nearly 500mbs. In addition, in the BETA folder is a patch to replace the MOVIE.DAT file with a blank DAT file. This removes the start-up videos (EA SPORTS, THX, and fan videos) which will reduce the size by a whopping 1.1GB and shorten load times significantly.

Creating the ISO in IMG BURN

  1. Now open ImgBurn.

  2. Click CREATE IMAGE FROM FILES/FOLDERS on the middle-right side.


  1. On the left hand side, click the folder search icon ("Browse for a Folder") and select the "NCAA06" root folder.




  1. Click the Create ISO icon at the bottom left. Its the icon that looks like a folder pointing to a CD image.


  1. Click through the prompts, choose a name for the ISO (NCAA 06 NEXT 21, for example), and wait for the app to create a new ISO file.

  2. Now you can start PCSX2 with the new ISO created!


Don't forget to set-up your Textures Pack and Emulator settings if you have not already!

Other Notes/FAQ:

DO NOT USE PREVIOUS ROSTERS LOADED ON MEMORY CARDS. THEY WILL NOT WORK AND WILL CAUSE ISSUES. You can reset to the default modded rosters here in the Settings Menu.

Do not use this with other NEXT patches. This already includes all of them plus more!

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