Set-Up Guide

Installation Guides

This section will cover how to install the mod. You will need a copy of the NCAA 06 Football original game in an ISO game image format, and a copy of v2.00 or higher Playstation 2 BIOS files. 

The installation is broken up into TWO major steps. Step 1 will cover how to download and set-up the parameters of the Playstation 2 emulator on your device, and then show you how to install the graphics texture pack for the NCAA 06 Next mod.

Step 2 will cover the creation of the modernized NCAA NEXT Game Mod, which features hundreds of improvements to the original game in every aspect from interface, to databases, to league structure, to recruiting and transfers, to gameplay upgrades.

Please follow each step and do not skip anything. Videos are available below to help guide those who prefer an audio-visual experience.

Compatible Emulator Download:

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Step 1.


Step 2.

Step 3.

YouTube Help

Sliders & Game Settings

Here's a page for our team's game play sliders and settings: LINK