Textures Installation

Installing textures also requires proper set up of the emulator to enable texture loading... This assumes users have already completed the emulator set-up guide.

Choose a method to install textures:

Automated Installer (NEXT 25+)

This method uses a new installation application developed by our team to sync with our texture repository automatically!

This is the old fashion way of downloading the graphics and unzipping it to the correct folder. Works with every version of the mod.

Note: Android 13+ Users

For users who are using Android 13+ devices that can't bypass security features, you may find that just moving textures from your computer to the Android device directory ( storage/android/data/xyz.aethersx2.android/files/) still does not show up in the game. This is due to new security measures in Android 13 that may not be easily bypassed. This happens on devices such as the Ayn Odin 2. 

To get around this, copy the textures folder to the root folder or anywhere else on your android storage. Then use the Android app, ZArchiver, to move this folder into the AetherSX2 location.

After this step, please go create the NCAA NEXT ISO IMAGE