Textures: Automated Installer

We have developed a new NCAA NEXT Texture Installer App

This application will download files directly to your emulator folder on Windows, or to any folder of your choosing. Then you can transfer it to where it needs to go, such as on to your Xbox, SteamDeck, Android device, etc.

Please remove previous installations unless you've already switched over to NEXT 25 BETA from V3 onward. If you are using V14 you can save some time by renaming the "Uniform Expansion" folder to "uniforms" and delete everything else.

Installer Instructions

You will need to make a Free GitHub account to get started. This tool will auto-update your textures whenever you run it in the future!

To download the Windows App, find and click on the "RELEASES" area of the GitHub page link (or click the Releases link). For MAC and Linux/Unix users, there is also a python version available on the Texture Downloader main page.

Run the application and follow the instructions on the screen. It will ask you to get a Github Personal Access Key and paste it in the box. Once that is done, you can Save the Config and Begin Installation!

This initial download may take a while as our mod is over 15GBs large!

If you accidentally exited the program and have not started an install, and don't see the Begin Installation button, click the Fresh Installation button on the bottom right.

Once it is done, you are set to go!

If you do see any weird texture anomalies, check and make sure your Textures folder download is at least 10GB or larger! If it's not, you are likely missing files!

Future Updates, Syncing and Repair

If you come across missing textures, or want to run updates to grab the latest texture files from the Next mod, just re-open the NCAA Next Texture Downloader app, and press Run Sync.

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