Textures: Manual Installation

 Manual Installation of Textures

Move the Textures folder into your PCSX2 directory on your computer or gaming device. Refer to the specific emulation device you are using's setup guide in step 1 for location of directories if you aren't sure. Please make sure you do not put the mod's Textures folder inside the PCSX2 or AetherSX2 texture folder! There should only be 1 textures folder when this is completed.

Screenshot 2022-11-13 194311

Android 13+ Users

For users who are using Android 13+ devices that can't bypass security features, you may find that just moving textures from your computer to the Android device directory ( storage/android/data/xyz.aethersx2.android/files/) still does not show up in the game. This is due to new security measures in Android 13 that may not be easily bypassed. This happens on devices such as the Ayn Odin 2. 

To get around this, copy the textures folder to the root folder or anywhere else on your android storage. Then use the Android app, ZArchiver, to move this folder into the AetherSX2 location.

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