Madden 08 NEXT Release



This is a game patch for Madden 08 on PS2 that updates the game database to include the latest rosters, coaches, stadium names, franchise information like salary cap, contracts, and more! This also modifies the game to take in NCAA Football 06 files instead of NCAA 08. This allows users to use NCAA 06 NEXT mod with this game!

In addition TEXTURES for Teams, Uniforms, Fields, Menu UI, and more have been updated with the use of PCSX2 1.7+! This creates an realistic and modern game experience for players to enjoy!

Full Description of Project

This mod creates a brand new ISO and experience right out of the box. No more need for extraneous save files or DB edits. This mod adds all of it into a ready to use ISO or Disc.

This updates the original game with:

  • Updated Rosters built-in (thanks to RogerJinx of
  • All Game Modes working with 2021 rosters
  • Updated Team Names
  • Updated Coaches
  • Updated Stadium Names
  • Uniform Patches for Texture Mods
  • New First/Last Names Generation Database - Not included yet
  • Compatible with NCAA Football 06 exported draft classes and Race for Heisman saves!
  • Textures
  • Updated Uniforms and Alternates
  • Updated Gears including team and generic gloves
  • Updated Menu UI and Icons
  • Update Fields, Grass, Stadium decor, and more!
  • Update Logos


Since this is a beta and we've only done limited testing, bugs may occur! Please let us know when you get them!

For users using NCAA Football 06 with 2021 rosters, it seems like the FIRST YEAR draft class may lead to game freezing or crashing. I've tried this on both Madden 06 and Madden 08, so it is not a patch problem but a roster problem that I can't seem to trace the issue down to. Other draft classes in Year 2+ work just fine. Hopefully 2022-23 NCAA rosters do not pose this problem.

Before moving forward, please make a save point prior to importing rosters!

Team Credits

Game Patch Mods : Antdroid with help from JDHalfrack

Uniform Textures : BUBeavers92 & BaltimoreRavens ported over by Antdroid

Accessories : BUBeavers92 & xflamesxofxhope

Menu UI & Logos: Antdroid, with logo by RobotDebris

Rosters : Antdroid, ported from RogerJinx Madden 08 PC Rosters