Steam Deck Setup

  1. Be sure to follow the steps for creating a new patched ISO prior to these steps.

    1. Install EmuDeck on your SteamDeck: Switch over to Desktop mode (Steam Button --> Power --> Switch to Desktop). Then open Firefox and go to Follow the instructions in EmuDeck's website to install whatever emulators you want, just make sure you include PCSX2.

    2. You may need to downgrade your PCSX2 emulator if you experience black numbers and other texture defects. To find a compatible version, please visit 

    3. Copy over your ISO/NCAA NEXT textures to your SteamDeck: To copy files over, you can either use a program like Warpinator to transfer files wirelessly, or just use a Flash Drive.

    Reminder, the roster update is in the ISO patch. Including memory card location here just in case it helps.

    Also, make sure to copy the SLUS-21214 folder from the NCAA Next download into the Textures folder (you don't want a textures folder under textures).

    Default MicroSD card locations:

    • ISO: primary/Emulation/roms/ps2
    • BIOS: primary/Emulation/bios/ps2
    • Textures: primary/Emulation/storage/pcsx2/textures
    • Memory Cards: primary/Emulation/saves/pcsx2/saves

    Default Internal Storage locations:

    • ISO: home/deck/Emulation/roms/ps2
    • BIOS: home/deck/Emulation/bios/ps2
    • Textures: home/deck/Emulation/storage/pcsx2/textures
    • Memory Cards: home/deck/Emulation/saves/pcsx2/saves
    1. Add NCAA NEXT 06 to your Steam Library: Run Steam ROM Manager (should be a link on your desktop). Everything should be pre-configured, you should just need to click "Preview" then "Generate App List". As long as NCAA 06 appears then you will be able to launch the game via Game Mode in Steam.

    2. Setup PCSX2: Switch over to Game Mode (should be another link on the desktop). Find NCAA Football 06 in your library and launch it. Texture Loading, Mipmapping, & Precache Textures are not set correctly by default, so you will have to go into the settings and turn ON texture loading and Mipmapping OFF and Precache Textures OFF. I like to setup the right touchpad as a mouse, with a click being a left mouse click. That way you can use the touchpad to edit whatever settings you need. You can follow our PCSX2 setup guide.

    Example settings (other settings other than the 3 mentioned above can be left as default): 20220929222149_1

    Steam Deck Performance settings to increase battery life: 20220929222027_1


    • Fix crash on load: Turn OFF Precache textures from the graphics --> Texture Replacement menu
    • Texture Replacements not loading: make sure the "replacements" folder is all lower case.