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How to install NCAA NEXT on an Xbox Series X|S console

There's 2 options for installing emulators (specifically PCSX2 in this instance) on an Xbox console: Dev Mode and Retail Mode. Dev Mode requires signing up for a Microsoft Developer account ($19). Now with XBSX2 available via Retail mode, it is the preferred option.

Retail Mode instructions

  1. Install DurangoFTP: Open Microsoft Edge and navigate to Install the App Store, then find DurangoFTP and install it from the app store.
  2. Install XBSX2: Download XBSX2 from the app store.
  3. Download NCAA 06 NEXT release: Download the latest NCAA 06 NEXT release onto your computer and then open in file explorer.
  4. Add your Xbox as a network location on your PC: Open DurangoFTP on your Xbox and click start. Next, open file explorer on your computer and navigate to This PC. Click the Computer tab at the top then select Add a network location. Click Next on the wizard then select Choose a custom network location and next again. Enter ftp://XBOX.local:port (where port is the port number in DurangoFTP, ex mine is ftp://XBOX.local:8081) under Internet or network address. Your Xbox should now display under Network Locations in File Explorer. If you have issues then try one of the other addresses you see in DurangoFTP such as the IP Address. You can also just enter ftp://XBOX.local:port into the address in file explorer, but I like to add it as a network location for easier access.
  5. Copy necessary files onto your Xbox: Highly recommend using FileZilla for this, there seem to be fewer issues than just using Windows File Explorer to FTP files over. Navigate into your Xbox network location on your PC and navigate to the Q/Users/UserMgr0/AppData/Local/Packages/12234PS2Lover69.XBSX2.XboxSeries_837xfqmjkxtmy/LocalState folder (This has possibly changed in recent versions?). Your folder name could be different from this, but it should be similar if you installed the version linked above. Copy your PS2 bios into the Bios folder, your NCAA Football 06 iso into the games folder.
  6. Copy NCAA NEXT onto your Xbox: Open the NCAA NEXT zip file you downloaded above. Copy the textures folder from NCAA 06 Next onto your Xbox under LocalState. You should have /LocalState/Textures/SLUS-21214 now on your Xbox. Also, copy the file inside xbox memcard from NCAA NEXT into the Memory Cards folder on your Xbox, overwriting all files. Also, you can copy over the pnach file over to the cheats folder on your Xbox if you would like to get rid of the need for interlacing.
  7. Turn on Texture Replacements: With newer versions of Xbsx2, you can go to the settings menu and make the necessary adjustments. 3 changes need to be made: Turn ON Texture Replacements, turn OFF Precache Textures, and turn OFF Mipmapping. On older versions, you need to edit the PCSX2.ini file (named xbsx2.ini on the latest version) under the inis folder to turn on texture replacements. I had to copy the file over to my machine, edit with notepad & save, then copy back over. Search for LoadTextureReplacements and change false to true.
  8. Enjoy 🙂

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  • Fix screen tearing: Edit the PCSX2.ini file and update vsyncEnable to 1 instead of 0.
  • Receiving errors copying files onto Xbox: Try deleting the alternate_replacements folder first, or use FileZilla to copy over files onto the Xbox.

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