NCAA NEXT V9 Preview

This is a preview of the upcoming NCAA 06 NEXT Full ISO Patch for NCAA Football 06, as part of the V9 release package which also includes all FBS uniforms completed!

This new update patches the NCAA 06 Game with built-in features!

NCAA-NEXT-MODERNIZED '21 This updates the original game with:

  • Updated Rosters built-in (thanks to community for base PS3 roster to build from!)
  • Heisman Mode working with 2021 rosters
  • Updated Team Names (no more "indians")
  • Updated Coaches & Strategies, including FCS coaches built-in (thanks to Al from for input!)
  • Updated Conf and Team Prestige, Rankings
  • Uniform Patches for Texture Mods
  • New First/Last Names Generation Database
  • In-Game Text Updates
  • Removed default Transfers
  • Initial Heisman Candidates Updated
  • Updated Positional Importance
  • Realigned Conferences Built-In - Real Power 5 x 14 team/12 team conferences with "close to real" group of "6" (Based on 2022-2025 realignment plans)
  • New built-in schedule generator for conference structure changes
  • WKU, App State, UMass, Texas State --) FBS
  • Air Force, Army, Navy, Idaho --) FCS
  • Users will be able to swap teams within the in-game menu at dynasty start as normal
  • No external saves required for starting a new Dynasty, or updated roster saves!