Welcome to NCAA 06 NEXT!


Welcome to NCAA 06 NEXT. This is a modernization of NCAA Football 06 for PCSX2 and AetherSX2 Playstation 2 Emulator. This modification of the game includes:

  • Modern Day Uniforms & Alternates
  • Updated Logos & Graphics
  • Updated Stadiums & Field Textures
  • Updated Scorebug and Broadcast Graphics
  • Updated FBS Rosters
  • In-Game Text patches
  • Road to Heisman updates
  • Dynasty Mods for Conference Realignment & Scheduling
  • Updated Menus and Backgrounds

System Requirements:

A copy of NCAA Football 06 (Disc or ISO Image)
PCSX2 1.7 Nightly with Texture Loading Enabled or AetherSX2 for ARM devices

Development Team:
  • Ok and!?
  • H4wduk3n
  • Antdroid
  • BuBeavers92
  • RobotDebris
  • 4Star
  • jackson
Social Media:
  • ShawnCustoms

Other Credits:
  • The Operation Sports PS3 Roster Team for allowing us to port their roster to PS2.
  • College Football Revamped Mod Team for permission to use numbers/fonts for unique uniforms
  • Football Idiot / Football Freaks / ArtemHK (NHL) community for a plethora of EA Sports tools
  • PCSX2 & AetherSX teams for developing wonderful emulators