NCAA NEXT '23 Released


The NCAA NEXT 23 Mod is a fully integrated modification of NCAA Football 06 for the 2022 season with a ton of new features to the original game and previous modification releases. This package is a combination of our team's texture package of over 10,000 new graphics textures and modifications to the entire game's code, database structure, and strings to enhance gameplay, dynasty mod, and visual quality, and much, much more!

Features include:

Game PS2 Executable (ELF) Updates:
  • De-Interlacing Built-In to improve visual quality
  • 2022 Starting Year
  • In-Game Text Updates
  • Transfer Waiting Period Removal
  • Increased Transfer Portal Activity
  • Allows Duplicate Jersey Numbers
  • Permanent PAC-12/CUSA Championship Stadium
  • Added 1 and 2 Star Recruits to In-Season Recruiting Phase

Internal League Database Updates:
  • League Structure Overhaul
  • 7 New Teams Include Stadiums and Graphics Assets
  • Updated Rosters and Coaches, including FCS coaches
  • Updated Team Strategies
  • B1G and PAC-12 Championship Games
  • Outdoor Stadiums for teams that used to play in domes
  • Re-Written Scheduling Logic for league structure
  • Updated OOC Rivalries Scheduling + New In-Game Rivalries Added
  • Updated Recruit 3D Model Body Shapes
  • Removed "mini" recruits

Other In-Game Updates:
  • Re-Added Historical Teams and unlocked hidden teams and allow mascot teams to play human teams
  • Modern Database of 8192 First and 8192 Last names for recruits
  • Upgraded Music Soundtrack (16 original + 16 new tracks)
  • Re-wrote entire magazine headline and captions database (3500+ lines)
  • New player-to-coach dialogs including NFL, NIL, Transfer Portal and more
  • Sponsorship text updates
  • Uniform Numbers and Decals Fixes
  • Heisman Candidates
  • Added nameplates to uniforms that were missing this
  • New teams now have integrated texture package for less confusion through redoing game's texture MMAP and DAT files to create alternate textures for mod users, while maintaining textures for original game users.

In addition, we have a huge, huge graphics texture pack with over 10,000 texture files that include over 1000 uniforms, updates to a ton of stadiums, fields, accessories, gears, helmets, broadcasts, menu art, and more.

New Texture Updates for this package from V11 include:
  • Several new 2022 uniform updates and alternates for a number of teams (Oregon, Louisville, Air Force, Navy, Tulane, Kentucky, to name a few)
  • Updated several teams stadiums and end zone art
  • Updated Team Logos
  • Fixes to old uniforms and logos
  • Prepared rosters and recruits for custom gear accessories capability using team made templates available on discord soon!
  • Much more!

Team Credits:

Textures (Uniforms & Misc Graphics)
  • BUBeavers92
  • Ok and!?
  • H4wduk3n
  • Antdroid
  • RobotDebris
  • 4Star
  • jackson
  • jdhalfrack
  • xflamesxofxhopex
  • jd637
  • dhs22p
  • BaltimoreRavens

NEXT 23 Game Patches/Mods/Enhancements
  • Antdroid
  • JDHalfrack
  • JD637

Texture Templates
  • JD637
  • xflamesxofxhopex
  • h4wduk3n

Other Credits:

  • Vikesfan059 & Team : Roster Base
  • Stingray, elguapo, jdhalfrack, packfan : modding tools/apps
  • Harry97/Brock/Reeshmd23/lorak/etc : DB Edits Knowledge Exchange over the years
  • Talon42 : Several graphic updates for this version


The following is basic install for previous users. If you are new to this, PLEASE REFER TO THE WIKI at for step-by-step instructions.

Download and unzip folder. Place the TEXTURES folder into the PCSX2 or AetherSX2 main directory.

Next 23 ISO Mod
Download Follow instructions in Wiki (Step 3) for how to create a new ISO with modded files!

Custom & Alternate Textures:
Alternate Textures such as uniforms and other graphics are in the Textures/Alternate_Replacements folder. Use these as desired by replacing the same files in the Replacements folder. Custom textures and templates help will be made available in the Wiki soon, or ask us on discord!