NCAA Next 23 v12.3.2 Patch Released


We've released a couple patches for v12.3 that were misses and enhancements to the 12.3 feature updates.

The update includes:

  1. Add in missing feature of In-Season Recruiting of Punters and Kickers. This has a new UI update to filter kickers and punters in the pre-season recruiting screen.

  2. Adds a new League Structure to make the ACC, Big 12 and Pac-12 have no divisions, including updating their conference championship games to be #1 vs #2. This will apply to new dynasties only. Existing dynasties will still work with the patch installed. You can also upgrade your dynasty to have the divisionless conference structures by checking out our DIY section.

The patch can be found at

Patch is for users with V12.3 ONLY. If you are upgrading from a prior version, please download the 580MB ISO MOD zip file instead that contains all the file upgrades.

Patch Special Install Instructions:

To those who choose to install this, please create a new ISO from your V12.3 image the same exact way you would normally, except replace the SLUS_212.14 file and the LEAGUE.DAT (in the DATA folder) from this attached zip instead of the one that is already in the game. You can and should create the ISO from your 12.3 ISO image, and NOT the original one to use this patch correctly.