Coming Soon: College Football Playoff Mod and More!


If you are a frequent member of our Discord channel, you are probably already aware of our OPEN BETA for the upcoming release which includes a 4-Team College Football Playoff! This is a huge achievement after months of work to develop and get working. We are still in the midst of testing and working out new features to add to the mod, but for the most part the playoff portion has received positive feedback and seems to be working flawlessly.

As a teaser, this is some of the upcoming NEW features we're adding to the next release:

  • Various Texture Updates to Uniforms, Stadiums, etc.
  • College Football Playoff System (4-team playoffs) with upgraded stadiums and textures
  • Continuous Running Game Clock per NCAA Rules
  • Accelerated Play Clock Option
  • Scorebug Update with Top 25 Ranking shown
  • Expanded User Playbooks - Up to 11+ Formations Allowed (replacing Hail Mary and Goal Line formations)
  • Adding Midfield Logos to FBS teams missing them
  • Minor bug fixes

We're looking to add more features, but we'll see where we get in the next week or two. Until then, users can check out the OPEN BETA of the Playoff Mod on our Discord channel. Links are on the site above and to the right!