NCAA Next V13.1 Hot Fix Now Available

New V13.1 Hot Fix is now available at

This update fixes a couple things:

  • Team Swapping for both created-teams and FCS teams is now available and possible for the new League Setup!!

    This also should make the Team Swapping function more stable in any league setup. I successfully swapped 25+ teams in one try, but I'm sure it could do more if you wanted to.

  • New League Setup has the rosters/team databases fixed so there are no missing players in the Main Menu Roster editor screens.

  • In a prior release, we created a Week 0 in the schedule. Now the Sim pop-up menu displays this correctly, and is aligned to the schedule week number.

  • These fixes are now available in the V13.1-ISO-INSTALLATION.ZIP file.

  • A Small Texture Add-On pack is now in the download section. This adds the GT logos + FBS Independents Logo Update.