NCAA NEXT 24 v14.1 Patch Released

We will be doing minor updates throughout the year with new uniforms as part of our expansion project. This is the first of those expansions, however we are also adding a bunch of new requested features from the community!

Game Updates:

* Recruiting Database Fix (RCAT) - removed excess recruits

* Integrated PlaybookGamer V6.1 Playbooks

* 4 Game Redshirting Rule and Games Played Display

* Uniform Fixes/Expansion Add-Ons

* Allow Users to Change CPU Team Schedules in Pre-Season

* Show all 120 Stadiums in Pre-Season Toughest Places to Play Ranking

* NCAA Fair Catch within 25 Yard Line Rule Change Added

* Updated Jersey Number Distributions

* Added option to DELETE PLAYERS in Roster Editor

* Removed ability for Independents conference invite

* Removed Notre Dame exclusion from invitations

Texture Updates:

* Arizona and ASU Field Updates

* Generic Field Update

* Uniform Fixes for Alabama

* Michigan Helmet

* Uniform Expansion for FIU (Clebinho)

* Additional Uniforms and Updates for: Arizona State, Cal, Houston, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Purdue, UCLA, and Washington State (TaTTeDaDBOD)

Install Notes:

For existing Next 24 users, you only need to download the Add-On Texture Pack and V14.1 ISO Mod Patch files. The Source ZIP texture pack is for users who are starting new!

All existing saves from NEXT 24 and NEXT 24 BETA are compatible. Previous versions are not!

Download Link:

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