NCAA Next 25 - Pre-Release Beta Series is Available!


The NCAA Next team has been hard at work starting the next phase in our mod development, and after 3 "Discord-Only" betas, we are ready to share the 4th beta of "NEXT 25" publicly on our website. 
This update still uses the 2023 season rosters and start year, but we've expanded the mod to bigger and better things, including preparing everyone for the upcoming 2024 season full of realignment and playoff changes!
Yes, we have made full 2024 conference alignments including 18-team Big Ten, ACC and 16-team Big XII and SEC conferences! Kennesaw State is also a brand new created team for the Conference USA, and yes....
12-Team Playoffs are here! This follows the 5 + 7 format, with 5 auto-bids from the best conference champions, and the next 7 best at-large teams.
Finally, we've updated databases galore, added tons of new features and expanded transfer portal chaos. And yes, there's over a thousand completed uniforms in this mod! 
Here's the full list of new features from the previous releases... and there's more to come!

Full List of New Features

Dynasty Mode
  • Kennesaw State Added to FBS with fantasy roster and real coach and stadium
  • Updated 2024 Realignment FBS configuration
  • Updated Scheduling system
  • 310 Coaches Database 
  • Updated Head Coach Database
  • Pre-Season Injuries
  • CPU Position Changes to optimize depth chart
  • Off-season improvements and optimizations
  • Changed Sports Illustrated to The Athletic
  • 12-Team Playoff (5 auto-bid conference champions + 7 at-large)
  • New National Championship Sites (Philly, Denver, NEXT Arena, New Orleans, Houston, Detroit) - chosen each season at random!
  • LA and Sun Bowl Added (35 bowls total now)
  • Add ability to have up to 12 conf champ games
  • Added a neutral field kick-off game in Atlanta, GA. The Aflac Kick-Off.
  • Larger Recruiting Database and more Athletes
  • More Transfer Portal Updates. Can get over 1000 portal entries per season now!
  • Redshirting carry-over for portal fix
  • New Recruit Randomizer with Skin Tone/Face/Hair coordinated styles
  • Updated Recruiting Algorithm allows all teams to fully distribute available scholarships
Game Play
  • Improved CPU Offensive Play Calling & Time Management at end of Half
  • Polynesian surnames for western state schools
  • Increased general surname database
  • CPU Coach National Title & Conf Championship Stat Tracking Fixed
  • Every game will be televised now!
  • Face Mod added to FBS/FCS and Recruiting Rosters

Textures Updates

  • Added new stadium and graphics
  • Lots of new Uniforms Expansion Updates!
  • Updated Fields for 2024-25 Season

Beta Info Link: [LINK]

NOTE: NCAA 06 NEXT & our other spinoff projects are and will always be FREE community-made and community-led mods. We will never charge for it. If you do see it "for sale", please don't give money to random people. There's many people here and in the community that can help you, and with the new installers, we hope that process is even more painless!

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