NCAA Next 25 Beta Series

Full List of New Features

Dynasty Mode
  • Kennesaw State Added to FBS with fantasy roster and real coach and stadium
  • Updated 2024 Realignment FBS configuration
  • Updated Scheduling system
  • 310 Coaches Database 
  • Updated Head Coach Database
  • Pre-Season Injuries
  • CPU Position Changes to optimize depth charts
  • Off-season improvements and optimizations
  • Changed Sports Illustrated to The Athletic
  • 12-Team Playoff (5 auto-bid conference champions + 7 at-large)
  • New National Championship Sites (Philly, Denver, NEXT Arena, New Orleans, Houston, Detroit) - chosen each season at random!
  • LA and Sun Bowl Added (35 bowls total now)
  • Add ability to have up to 12 conf champ games
  • Added a neutral field kick-off game in Atlanta, GA. The Aflac Kick-Off.
  • Larger Recruiting Database and more Athletes
  • More Transfer Portal Updates. Can get over 1000 portal entries per season now!
  • Redshirting carry-over for portal fix
  • New Recruit Randomizer with Skin Tone/Face/Hair coordinated styles
  • Updated Recruiting Algorithm to fully distribute available scholarships for all teams
Game Play
  • Improved CPU Offensive Play Calling & Time Management at end of Half
  • Polynesian surnames for western state schools
  • Increased general surname database
  • CPU Coach National Title & Conf Championship Stat Tracking Fixed
  • Every game will be televised now!
  • Face Mod added to FBS/FCS and Recruiting Rosters

Textures Updates

  • Nearly 16GB of texture graphics!
  • Added new stadium and graphics
  • Lots of new Uniforms Expansion Updates!
  • Updated Fields for 2024-25 Season

Software Tools

Discord Link: [Discord Beta Channel]

Download Link: [link]

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