NCAA Next 24 Preview Beta


This is a feature preview of the upcoming mod and will have pretty much every new feature unlocked. The missing features include an updated 2023 season roster, FCS team fields, and a very small set of expanded uniform combinations. These will all be added as we progress through the release cycles and we will release dev kits that will allow users to submit their own creations into the mod!

The new features in this preview are:

  • Transfer Portal Recruiting
  • Conference Builder (Change ALL teams and conference affiliations in-game now!)
  • Uniform Expansion (partial)
  • Field Mod (FBS & Bowls/Playoffs COMPLETED)
  • Playbook Gamer's Playbooks and Coaching Strategy Integration
  • 2023 New Play clock Rules
  • "Pride Sticker" counter for every team, every player
  • Team Rankings Updates (Athlon 2023 Preseason)
  • 12-Game Scheduling now schedules every team
  • Notre Dame ACC and Rival Scheduling System Included now!
  • New League Alignment features full CUSA Conference Teams
  • Patched for future conference realignment league structure capability (!!!)
  • Recruit Database Randomization v2.0
  • NFL Pro Prospect Height & Weight Requirements Removal
  • Coaching Stat Tracking Upgrades (tracks national championships and fluctuating coach prestige, and improved job security display)
  • Playoff Fixes
  • Coach Carousel Mod Text Updates
  • Academic Prestige Updates (and no more changing ratings)
  • Generic Gear Updates and Misc Texture Improvements
  • New Snow/Rain and Overlay
  • Background FMV port from NCAA 05
  • International Recruiting
  • Improved Walk-On Database (WIP)
  • Player Position Change Improvements (WIP)
  • Stadium Capacity updates
  • New Georgia State & Georgia Southern Stadium
  • New NCAA Next Dome
  • more random db updates
  • Folder Re-Organization
  • Rosters (ETA UNKNOWN)


Follow the same NCAA Next Installation instructions as per normal.

Remove your existing NCAA Next Texture folder from the emulator directory.

Download and move the new NCAA Next Texture folder and put into the emulator directory.

This new folder is organized differently than prior versions and the old one must be removed to avoid conflicts.

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