NCAA 06 NEXT V13.2 Update & Fix Released


There is now a new NCAA NEXT V13.2 Update in the Download section!

Roster/League Databases Correction

This is an urgent fix to correct the roster database that was mixed up in V13.1 that could affect BOTH league modes, but especially users who use the new league setup. It was inadvertently swapped.

In addition to correcting the file locations, the rosters for the New League fixed a depth chart issue for Nevada.

Time Of Possession Update

For users who started using the Accelerated Clock feature, the Time of Possession now correctly adds up the entire time of possession now. Previously, it did not count the "accelerated time" in its calculation.

Player Jersey Name Updates

This update also addresses several teams who did not have jersey names showing up. The list includes Texas A&M, Montana, Florida A&M, and Youngstown State.