NCAA 06 Next v13.3 Hot Fix

 NCAA NEXT V13.3 Hot Fix and Upgrade

It was discovered that the last update had a couple bugs that should be fixed now.

40 Second Playclock Upgrades

For users who were not using the coach carousel version of the mod, the 40 second playclock did not have all the new features added. This 13.3 update fixes display issues where 25 seconds showed up instead of 40 at the very beginning, as well as it fixes the occasional issue where the CPU would not call plays until 25 seconds left on the play clock. (i.e. this speeds up CPU play calling)

New "realistic" League Bug

The last update somehow broke playoffs/bowl games for users who were using the new league setup (the one without the MAC). This update should fix this and any roster-related issues as well.

Sorry for the inconveniences and potential loss progress!

We are also working on a future update to the NCAA OT Rules, but that is not ready quite yet, and may appear in an update in the near future!

Download from Github

known bugs/fixes: