NCAA Next V13.4 Community Upgrades & Fixes

 v13.4 Patch Details

Note: Base Textures was upgraded to v2 on the downloads page, due to missing field lines.

Position Change Bug Fix + More Stability

We apologize for the weirdness that was going on in prior releases, related to Position Change screen not showing any players. We discovered the bug had to do with UIS_ALL.DAT, which is a file that controls how the game's menu system and in-game user interfaces work. We've been playing with this file a lot, but it is apparently very sensitive to file size growth. We had to revert back a few UI tweaks, but nothing critical was reverted back. 

Improved position/depth chart logic via Recruit/Walk-On Database Update

The original NCAA game had a somewhat dumb CPU. While there is a Positional Change stage in the off-season, the CPU does not take advantage of this, and will not move players around to give them the best starting line-up possible. For example, if the CPU team has two LTs that are say, 90 and 89, and RTs that are 80 and 74, their depth chart may have the 80 RT starting over the 89 LT, because positional priority. 

One way to solve this issue is to force every player to only play one position in the group. In the same example, what if we made both the RTs, Left Tackles instead? In this case, every OT is a LT in the game. Now when the CPU performs their depth chart movement, it'll align the two best OTs at LT and RT.

This change affects offensive linemen, defensive linemen and linebackers.

Impact player selection logic + DL players now qualify for this role

We decided that the Impact Player logic needed tweaking, as some positions never get the role, and some positions get it too often over others. This is the first of many Impact Player tweaks we hope to roll out!

Prevent Conference Trophies from being given a week early

Since our mod now has new conference championship games, we had to find a way to prevent trophies from being handed out to the regular season champion. This fix now does that, and only the winner of the Conference Championship game will now earn the trophy.

User Team text color display change to Yellow

We thought that the user team highlighted color in menus was too hard to distinguish and see at times. We now made the user color YELLOW, and it is very easy to see and find user team(s).

Over-time rules update

The game now has the most up-to-date overtime rules for NCAA Football.

Transfer Mod Upgrades

We've tweaked the transfer portal expansion mod a bit. It'll be potentially more free-flowing some years.

Several Midfield logo additions

We have been continuing to improve the in-game stadium experience. With this mod, we have added more and more midfield logos to FBS teams that were missing them previously.

Several Misc Textures Improvements

Several user interface textures have now been upgraded and improved.

In addition to our normal team additions, we took some of our favorite community texture mods and updates from our growing Discord community. The following are some of the ones added to this v13.4 update!

Community Mod Contributions:

  • Turf Tape Updates - RS
  • Non-Branded Base Gloves - RS
  • Improved Snow Textures - TatteDadBOD & SNOHBAWL
  • Improved Play-Calling Screen - SNOHBAWL

Community Uniform Contributions:

  • Furman - Florida Man
  • Texas - Clebinho
  • Notre Dame - SNOHBAWL
  • Buffalo - SNOHBAWL
  • Clemson - SNOHBAWL
  • Coastal Carolina - Florida Man

Critical Bug Note:

Remember to use SAVE STATE if you plan on leaving before playing the CFB Playoff Semi-Finals. If you do not, the game will not load correctly when you re-load a normal save.

If the bowl games bug out, let us know and we can help fix it for you.