NCAA Next V13.6

We are excited to release the most stable version of V13.6, our likely final release for the NCAA Next '23 season. We are now preparing for our next major NCAA Next '24 updates! This v13.6 release includes several fixes to improve stability and resolve bugs. In addition, we added several new game changing features! The full list is below!

College Football Playoff Save Fix

The College Football Playoff mod had a bug where if you saved during the Semi-Finals round, and re-loaded that save later, the game would not schedule bowl games correctly. This fix removes the need to recalculate bowl games, and should now allow users to reload saves and not have to be forced to use Save States anymore.

In addition, we forced the National Championship game to be the last game of the season, and this sometimes will fall into its own week!

Integrated Coaching Carousel Mod !!! (works with contracts enabled!)

This mod now allows our "Coaching Carousel" mod to work with contracts enabled. This allows CPU coach stat tracking throughout their careers, and also lets users fire CPU coaches from other teams, and the game will automatically hire a new coach to take their place. In previous versions that we beta-tested around, user coaches could not get contracts because they would disappear forever if they got fired, or if they joined a new team, a CPU coach would also get hired. This updated version now allows all of it to work.

One stipulation -- You can not add, remove, or edit existing user/cpu coaches after the initial setup of a new dynasty.

4th Impact Player Mod with Impact Logic Update

This is currently in beta testing already, but this update allows the opportunity for teams to have a 4th impact player in most situations. It also updates the Impact Player selection logic by the game to allow more diverse selections from other positions.

Team Prestige System Upgrades

This update changes how Team Prestige is calculated at the end of the season. The prestige is now based on this logic system:

  • 6-star = Ranks 1-10
  • 5-star = 11-20
  • 4-star = 21-35
  • 3-star = 36-60
  • 2-star = 61-90
  • 1-star = 91-120

  1. check the team's rank (which is coaches rank or TCRK)
  2. use that rank to set an unofficial TMPR value of 1-6.
  3. if the current team's prestige is higher than their unofficial prestige, lower it by one.
  4. if the current team's prestige is lower than their unofficial prestige, raise it by one.
  5. if the current team's prestige is the same as their unofficial prestige, keep it the same.

Modern Overtime Rules

This mod re-introduces and fixes bugs with the Modern Overtime Rules!

General Stability updates revolving around UI file fixes

Our modifications to the game's user interface has inadvertently and unknowingly caused stability issues within the game, such as the Positional Change bug that did not show players, or random empty strings or other anomalies. This updated UI file fix should help improve stability, but this is definitely an area where we would like to collect more feedback!